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How YMP Creations Jewelry was Born

In addition to being an author, I’ve always loved jewelry. Just as words enhance a story, jewelry enhances the outfit. Wearing the right jewelry pieces can not only add sparkle to your life but also increase your confidence.

During the difficult year of 2020, I found both of those areas dimming in my life. I needed God’s help and He knew I needed a new area to shine my light. That area was collaborating with others to showcase their skills and talents.

He breathed life into a specific collaboration and YMP Creations Jewelry was born. YMP stands for You’re My Person.

Second chances aren’t meant for only people. Your jewelry deserves them too! Your broken, old, and unwanted pieces yearn for a chance to shine again.

Touched by a loving hand and combined with other pieces, the discarded jewelry is repurposed into a new, unique, one-of-a-kind YMP creation!!

Wearing a YMP one-of-a-kind creations shows you are as unique as our jewelry!  

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