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Letters to My Father E-Book

Letters to My Father E-Book


E-Book version of Letters to My Father


Forty-three-year-old Wiletta Jayne is a God-loving woman in the midst of a spiritual drought. Her strong relationship with God has been disrupted by her chaotic lifestyle, and she feels lonely and lost. She decides to take some time off from work and visit the beach, where she hopes to reconnect with God’s voice.

On the way, Wiletta feels a strong pull to visit a garage sale, where she finds a small stack of letters for sale. Knowing they are meant for her, she buys them and begins reading through them while on her vacation. In the letters, Wiletta discovers personal stories of despair, loneliness, joy, and more. God then instructs her to find the authors of the letters, so she reaches out to her best friend, Faith, who is a private investigator. Together, Wiletta and Faith set out to find these people, help them to know God’s love, and heal their hearts so they can seek him again.

This novel tells the story of a woman led by God to a collection of letters written by strangers and the journey she takes with a friend to find and help the letters’ authors.

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