God found Crissie when she wasn't looking for Him. At first, she ran from him but he continued to pursue her. After a few years, she found herself in a difficult and dark season and that is when they met. He provided the light to illuminate her dark season and she promised to follow him wherever he wanted to take her.

He called her to use the pain and the journey through the dark season as her message. That is when Letters to My Father was born. Crissie writes Christian fiction books to show people God's presence in their lives and all around them.

She lives in Reynoldsburg, Ohio with her family and her cat, Smokey.


2020 Ohioana Book Festival Author Reading

Reader Reviews

“I loved this book so much and I couldn't put it down! Relatable, real and thought provoking! A must read!” - Carrie A.


“Getting this book for my church library.” - Anne P.


“This book has touched my soul in ways I never thought. I HIGHLY recommend!!” - Danielle L.


“This is a wonderful book about God reaching down and helping us out of the darkest times in our life. How it was all put together is so unique. It is definitely a must read.” - Joan M.


“This book touched my heart because I think we all have that journey…To think God does use all circumstances for his purpose is very inspiring.” - Amber H.


“I enjoyed this book so much! I could not put it down. I was introduced to characters with real life struggles, who questioned why, and have had their faith restored, through the realization of God's plan confirmed through Wiletta & Faith's visits. The author takes you on a journey, which in the end, reveals Wiletta's purpose as she takes steps of faith & obedience to follow what she feels God has called her to do. Even the names of the characters are Brilliant! Seemingly chosen to represent key elements set forth in Wiletta's mission & her own personal epiphany, which is a well-designed surprise for the reader. While the book is faith based and biblically accurate, it's subtle, rather than being overwhelmingly Religious. The letters & related stories provide hope & encouragement to those who have faced relatable life struggles & have questioned faith. Very inspiring & offers hope to even nonbelievers. Absolutely LOVED it!!” - Lisa B.


“'Letters to My Father' is the beautiful story of a woman’s faith in and love for her Creator. It is a story that shows how God has aligned and connected His people to further His kingdom and illustrates how the Holy Spirit has worked in the characters’ lives through prayer and scripture. Beautifully written, I hope there are many more stories to come!" - Liz D.


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